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Multimedia HDMI Dock for Galaxy S3 S4 & Note 2 Note 3

Aerb® 3in1 Smart Multimedia HDMI Dock Station Desktop Charger Charging Data Transfer & Sync OTG for

Samsung Galaxy S4 SIV i9500 / Samsung Galaxy Note 2 / Samsung Galaxy Note 3




1. Galaxy HDMI Multi-Function Desktop Dock is designed for GALAXY S4 & GALAXY NOTE2 & Note 3;

2. HDMI Video Outputs & Charging/Data Transfer & OTG functions make your mobile phone stand upright on it when data transporting and charging;

3. HDMI video capabilities to support full HD quality output (up to 1080P/60Hz); connect it to HDTV to enjoy the high-definition screen;

4. OTG function supports USB external mouse, keyboard and other equipment, it likes a small computer when put it on the table and plug in peripherals;

5. Integration clamshell design with simple elegant style, which is very suitable to be placed on your desk;


Aerb Inc is a US registered brand, we are aimed to design novel consumer electronics, and enhance customer experience in all aspects.


Note: HDMI Function might not work if you jailbreak your phone.
Audio go with HDMI to your TV, no audio jack!
(1) Connect HDMI cable to DOCK HDMI port;
(2) Connect the other end of HDMI cable to your HD TV;
(3) Connect your mobile phone with Dock's Micro USB port;
(4) Connect the charge cable with the power (computer) to charge the dock and mobile phone at the same time;
(5) The HDTV screen will instantly display from your mobile phone;
Note: After connecting the dock, the upper and lower sides of the TV/Monitor's screen may be cut off. In this case, adjust the TV/ Monitor in the settings menu on your TV. Consult your TV owner's manual.


Charging / Data Transfer & Sync:


(1) Connect your mobile phone with Dock's Micro USB port;
(2) Connect the charge cable with the power (computer) to charge the mobile phone (data transfer)


OTG Function:


(1) Connect external USB devices (such as: mouse, keyboard, etc.) to the DOCK USB interface, no need to install the software can be used immediately.


Operating Steps:


First: connect USB data cable with micro USB port of docking, charging start;
Second: together put USB data cable and HDMI cable insert into micro USB port and HDMI port. Then MD TV can mirror all your mobile phone content;
Third: Unplug USB cable and HDMI cable, Insert Smartphone u disk to USB port, then on your mobile phone can display content of Smartphone u disk.



1* Galaxy HDMI dock
Note: HDMI cable not included