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Nano Sim Card Cutter

Aerb All in One Sim Card Tool Mini Standard Micro to Nano Sim Card Cutter W Metal Tray Sim Adapters Sand Paper for iPhone Android Phones


Bullet Points:

1. Convert your old Sim card to be used with your new iPhone 6, 5 with precision, easy operation;
2. Cut your regular sim to use with latest NANO size and use adapter to convert it back in other devices;
3.  Pakage with 2 nano sim adapters, convert iPhone 5 or 6 nano sim card to micro sim and standard sim card;
4. Made of stainless steel,the core of the cutter technology to ensure that shear card high-precision;
5. You can repeat thousands of times to use it but without any deformation.



Professionally cut your regular sized SIM card or micro SIM to the New Nano Sim (for iPhone 6 and 5).

This patented Cutter is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the cutter core adopts the wire cutting technology to ensure the high precision, it can handle thousands of cuts without any deformation.

This SIM card cutter will turn your standard SIM and Micro card into a nano SIM card; Avoid the hassle of buying extra nano SIM cards for your iPhone 6, iPhone 5; Simply insert the SIM card into the cutter and press down.

This cutter has 2 functions -- Cut both FULL SIM card and MICRO SIM card to NANO SIM card.

Full SIM to Nano SIM: Insert directly to cut;

Micro SIM to Nano SIM: Convert Micro SIM to Full SIM using metal tray then cut.

Package included:

1 x Full SIM & Micro SIM to Nano SIM card cutter

2 x Plastic Sim Card Adapter

1 x Metal Sim Card Adapter

1 x Sand paper

NOTE: Because the iPhone 6 or 5 sim will be 18% thinner, you may need to slightly sand it with sand paper, we got it together in the package for you.