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Stainless steel stone, set of 4


Aerb Stainless Steel Ice Cubes Chilling Stones Rocks Reusable for Whiskey Wine Beverage Drinks, Set of 4


Manufacturer: Aerb

Brand: Aerb


Product Feature:

1. Food-grade stainless steel liquid-filled cubes are a non-diluting alternative to ice cubes;

2. Made from stainless steel, durable, easy to wash and clean;

3. Unique gift for spirit drinkers; best chilling ice cubes for whiskey in the market;

4. Securing a secret non-toxic gel; extend the chilling!

5. Great for whiskey, vodka, liqueurs, white wine and drinks

Product Description:

Aerb stainless steel ice cube is one of the best in the market. The biggest advantage to use our stainless steel reusable stainless steel ice cubes is to have your drink not diluted by the traditional ice cubes, and extend extra chilling. When in use, leave them in refrigerator for 3 hours, then you can put into various types of wine, fruit juice, beverages. Toss two into your drink for about 3 minutes to get best cooling. 

Never let these cubes go into your mouth or try to swallow and eat them; keep them away from your kids!

Package Includes: 
4 * Stainless Steel Ice Cubes (2*2*2cm)