General Bluetooth Pairing Troubleshooting


1.       How to set up Bluetooth and discover Bluetooth devices with your computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones?


You have to make sure your device is Bluetooth enabled. Also please click this link for more details.


2. I have paired my Bluetooth speaker to the computer, but it doesn't work. 


You might want to check if it is your default audio device. You can search and find "control panel", then go to "hardware and sound", "sound", "manage audio devices", and set it up as your default device.


For window 8,

Open search by swiping on the right side of the screen.

Type manage audio devices and under settings you will find the search result.

There you can see your Bluetooth audio device.

Right Click it and you find an option to connect it.


But if after the connecting still it didn't work , set your device as default audio device in audio manager .


3. My Bluetooth mouse and speaker has both paired, but one of them or both do not work, what should I do?


Firstly, we want to  make sure if the mouse is a good one or not. Try to pair it with your tablets or smartphones with Bluetooth, usually the driver in those devices should be up to date, so the mouse should be working. If not, please contact your seller to get replacement.


If it does work with your smartphone or tablet, you might need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle, or contact us for more detailed instructions.


4. My computer doesn't seem to be able to see the mouse.  I was able to pair the speaker but not the mouse function. 


To pair the mouse, if it won't be recognized, please press the scroll wheel and the right button together for 5 seconds, release, and you will be able to see the mouse after searching with your device. please let me know if it helps.


5.The stand or bracket behind is too diffcult to open or put back, what should I do?


It is normal that the first time you use the bracket, it is very tight to pull it in or put it back. Just follow the directions in the manual, and do not be afraid to break it while you try to open it for the first few times. We will send you new bracket if it breaks while you pull it out.


To put the bracket back, you will need some skills. There is one side you need to slide in first, then you push the other side to click bracket in.


Please be patient to play it a little bit. It will get easier to open and close as you use more.



About HDMI Dock for Galaxy S4, Note 2 & Note 3


1. Will it charge the phone while I use the HDMI Display?


First, the dock needs sufficient power to support all functions, so always we suggest you use your original micro USB cable to power the dock. While you are using the mouse and keyboard at the same time, it is normal the dock might not be able to charge your phone because of the limited load current. But if you remove your mouse and keyboard, and only watch video through your phone to the monitor or tv display, it should support charging. You can also connect to your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard so your dock will still be able to charge your phone.


2. Why my HDMI TV won't work with the dock?


You have to make sure your TV is in HDMI mode. Also we won't support he following two cases:   

a.       If you phone support dual sim cards, this dock will not work as the HDMI function is not activated for your phone, even you use the Samsung original dock;  

b.       If your phone has been flashed or jail-broken, the HDMI might not work. You will need to restore to original Samsung system. 


3. How do I get audio as there is not audio jack on the dock?  


The audio goes with HDMI cable to your HD TV, so audio will come out from your TV speaker. However, in case you use monitor, which doesn't have speaker, you will have to check with your monitor, and find audio output, to connect to your external speaker for the sound.



About Aerb Waterproof MP3


1.             How to reset the player?


It is pretty easy to reset the player each time it malfunctions. For PD195, just holding + and - button together for few seconds, and it is done. For PD190, there is a reset button on the player. 


2.       How do I find shuffle in PD195?


Our PD190 doesn’t have shuffle, only repeat. However, the PD195 does have shuffle option.

ü  While you are listening to the player, you can press “M” key to go to the Option Menu.

ü  You will find five options: Repeat, Equalize, Music File, Pedometer and Swim Fitness

ü  Go under Repeat Option to find the Shuffle. The sub menu has 7 modes (Normal, Intro, Shuffle, Repeat all, Repeat folder, Folder, Repeat one.)

ü  Use + or – to find shuffle, which is at the 6th. Then press the Power Key to confirm. You are backing to Repeat Option after the confirmation.

ü  At last, you will press M button to go back to your music, then press power key to back to play.